First Post 31 Days to go!

Hi! I’m posting this with just 31 days to go before our Denali trip and we’ve just got our team roster. We’re in a team of 6 and there are 2 other people about my age going, so it should be so much fun. I actually can’t wait!
Doing lots of training at the moment, plus I’m in the middle of my AS level exams… We leave for Alaska just 4 days after my last one. It’s going to pretty much take a whole day to fly there, and there’s a 12 hour time difference, which is going to be so difficult to cope with when we get there. On top of that, it’s just about 35 degrees C here, and at the moment on Denali it’s a maximum of -24 degrees C!!
I’ll keep you posted on any updates, but that’s all for now!