3 weeks until Aconcagua

Just 3 weeks to go now, almost the whole of our team have introduced themselves via email and I can’t wait to meet everyone! This time, I think, I’m the only teenager, and am one of 4 females, including our lead guide Suzanne Allen. Training and work has been so much more difficult to balance this time, as it’s leading up to my A Level exams in January, and I’ve just applied for university – such nerve wracking prospects! But, never the less, I’m feeling fit and well, and really really hope nothing will happen before we leave.
I’m feeling stronger for this than I did for Denali, been pumping weights in the gym (not a particularly attractive pass-time for a girl, I know), so hopefully I’ll be well prepared for all the carrying without sledges… Although I can’t say I’m not pleased to see the last of them, for the moment at least.
Since the summer, I’ve given a 20 minute assembly to our Sixth Form (over 200 people) all about climbing in general and in particular, Denali. My first proper public speech where it was just me for that length of time, I was fairly proud! It wasn’t too bad either, though I say it myself. So, perhaps that won’t be the last people see of my public speaking skills… We’ll have to wait and see on that one.
In the meantime, I should be getting back to training and studying, in that order of course, and I will keep you updated on how things progress!