Biding time

Time seems to drag without an imminent climb to be getting excited about, especially with the pressure of studying for exams and emailing potential sponsors – it’s a lot more tricky to meet up with anyone to discuss when you’re living in Dubai! However, having had a fairly substantial break from the gym (I unfortunately temporarily damaged my knee descending Aconcagua, which then decided to make itself known whilst training for the Dubai marathon) I am now easing myself back to fitness as the beginning of my training for the next two big climbs. And these ones are going to be hard work.

We were talking to an international rugby player the other week, and he was explaining that he still had to train for a year for Everest, and he was fit already… Maybe I should have started training two years in advance…
Currently I’m fast approaching my 18th birthday, and am putting off statistics revision very nicely by writing this instead. I can’t say that much interesting has happened since my last post, but I will keep you informed if it does. On the subject of universities, I am actually taking a gap year to fit in all this climbing, and will be reapplying for veterinary after