Thank you Emirates

Really pleased to say that Emirates Airlines are now our official travel sponsors for Vinson and Everest! This wouldn’t happen without sponsorship, so we can’t thank them enough.
I’m working in the UK at the moment, getting all sorts of animal related experience – at Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital now and really loving it! Fitting in training too – now that Lhotse is confirmed we’re going to have to be fitter than ever by the end of March next year, not that we wouldn’t have to be fitter than ever anyway for Everest, but even fitter than that, if you get my drift. So it’s all busy busy busy.
We’ve been given our team roster for Vinson, our guides are Vern Tejas, who we were with on Elbrus (the legend who has summited Denali over 50 times), and Garrett, who was the first person ever to summit 2 8000m peaks in under 24 hours, earlier this year. Really pleased! We also have 3 other people form the UAE on the team!! It’s the first time that’s ever happened to us, and I can’t wait to meet them.
I’ll update this again soon, ttfn.

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