Back to Punta Arenas

After an uneventful, although enjoyable, day at Union Base Camp yesterday we have flown back to Chile today. Last night was a great night of music, with Reece making up some brilliant comedy songs, and other talented musicians singing and playing songs from all over the world, including Vern displaying impressive skills on the harmonica. Today we packed up our tents and savoured our last hours in Antarctica whilst waiting for the flight (I kind of miss it already). We arrived here fairly late at night, and have thoroughly treasured our first showers in a couple of weeks. It took me two bottles of conditioner and a very, very long shower to detangle my hair. Anyway, right now a proper bed, off the floor and with a mattress, is waiting for me. Thanks anyone who has been following! We’ll be flying back home early on the 31st. Ttfn.