Online TV Interview

Quite a long time ago, before Vinson and Kosciuszko, we did an online TV interview with My Dubai, My City, and it’s just been put up. So, if you’re interested, the link is:–Leanna-and-Mark-s-Seven-Summit-Challenge
As for any other news – 4 and a half weeks left to the big climb!! Also, we are so, so close to reaching our 5,000 pound fundraising goal for the Vitiligo Society, at, thank you very much to anyone who has donated!

Online Interview

My dad and I have were given some questions from the brilliant Everest blogger, Alan Arnette, for an online series of interviews for Everest climbers in 2012. Here’s the link if you want to have a look:
Also, some very exciting news – we’ve been given our Everest team roster! Everyone’s already introduced themselves, which is unusual in itself, and so far it all really bodes well for a lovely group of people. One of the guys climbing is actually an old team mate from our first Alpine Ascents expedition to Elbrus, and we have another younger person (20s) on the team! Which, although not nearly necessary, is always quite nice. It’s a team of 9 clients in total, with one just going to Camp 2, and with no other females on the team. Our guides have been confirmed as Garrett, from our Vinson trip, and Lakpa Rita, from our Aconcagua trip, plus two others that I haven’t met yet. Great news for us, as we really got on with both of them.
One other piece of significant news for me in the past few days has been getting a place on probably my top choice veterinary university course – one year in the UK, three years in Grenada (West Indies), and one year in another country of choice! Such a relief.
Good news all round really. Only 6 weeks left, and training hard, I just hope nothing goes wrong now. Ttfn.

Live TV!
We were interviewed on live TV on Dubai One a week or so ago, and the link is now up. It was such an exciting experience! I think I could get used to being on TV… If you’re interested it’s time 14:57 – 20:54 on the link above, and we’re on right at the end too, going to try the food that was made on the show, which was amazing by the way. On the interview she does actually pronounce my name wrong, for those of you that don’t know me, it does have an “a” on the end! But, all well meaning.
We’ve also heard back from a company in the UK which is hoping to get us 2/3 broadcast (TV or radio) interviews, and 5 press articles in mid to late March, and we’re in the process of organizing it all now. They’ve talked about some very big names in UK media, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much – but it looks promising! I’ll keep you posted.