At the airport – We’re off!


At the airport ready to leave to Nepal – the whole family is here with 9 bags in total! Yet somehow not over the weight limit. I’m so excited now, you know the funny feeling that you can get in your stomach from a mixture of excitement and nerves? That’s how I’m feeling. I can’t believe we’re finally off. We’re meeting the team tomorrow and I hope we’ll bump into some familiar faces in Kathmandu too. I’ll keep you posted.

Lots of Updates

Lots of new links for media pieces if you’re interested:
– We had a follow up interview on Dubai Eye radio station, with my mum, dad and myself. It was lots of fun and very relaxed, the link is if you would like to listen.
– I’ve also been featured on the Trek and Mountain website in a running feature on British Girls and Everest, I’m really not sure where one of the quotes came from as I definitely didn’t decide to climb Everest on the Everest Base Camp trek 4 and a half years ago! A nice article none the less, and they’ve asked for a phone call from Nepal after the trip I believe for an article in their magazine. Quite exciting. The link is
– BBC got in touch and featured a piece on their news page for my local area, found at Just to clarify – I’m not trying to become the first woman to summit any two mountains within 24 hours, as I’m sure that was done quite a long time ago!
– The Belfast telegraph featured an article, which can be seen at
– Outdoor Adventure Guide is featuring a piece in its next issue, with a mention of the coming article shown at
– The Independent has a paragraph on the challenge at

I was back in the UK last week and did a couple of interviews on BBC radio Nottingham and BBC Three Counties radio; it was brilliant going into the BBC studios next to the Houses of Parliament, and really exciting to be live on air. A press release by the Press Association while I was over there is what sparked a couple of the articles shown above, and we’ve been shown some interest for after the climb too with the possibility of TV!
So, lots and lots of new updates, as you can see. Another update coming tomorrow with a photo of all our equipment – currently spread out all across the floors upstairs! 1 week left!!